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Many construction companies worldwide, at some point, need materials and equipment from the USA. Having a trusted procurement team in the USA is important;


  • to find the right supplier

  • to reduce the equipment and shipping costs

  • for product quality control

  • to track the production schedule

Procurement & Sourcing

Having a strong network of trusted manufacturers and experienced engineers is important for saving time and finding the right product.

We work with your project specifications to understand your needs and recommend the most cost effective solution.


Your technical and commercial offers are prepared by our experienced engineers and sent to you along with the products' datasheets and brochures.


Should you have any questions, our engineers are always ready to provide answers.



Placing an order for a product is just half the battle. To keep your project on schedule, we continue to provide support at every phase.

We check in with manufacturers on a regular basis, to ensure the products are being produced with the requested specifications and standards.

We prepare the Vendor Document Requirement List during the production period.

We arrange Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) or 3rd party inspection, upon request.


After completion of manufacturing and all requested inspections, we get all products properly packed for shipment.


Logistic Service

Having the right product at the right time is essential to the success of your project.  We work with many global forwarders specified by different countries. 


We deliver all of your products on time and at the right price by:


  • Air Freight

  • Ocean Freight

  • Road and Rail Freight


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