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Carbon steel coils are coated according ASTM A463 on both sides with a pure aluminum or an aluminum 5% to 10% silicon alloy. The pure aluminum coated product is called ALUMINIZED TYPE II, and the aluminum-silicon alloy coated one is called as ALUMINIZED TYPE I. 


Aluminized sheets have many applications in refineries, the petrochemical industry, gas power plants, oil storage facilities, grain silos, and pipe cladding, automotive industry.

aluminized steel t2-100
Manufacturing Standards
Base Materials
Other Information

TYPE I  :  ASTM A463

TYPE II :  ASTM A463 & ASTM A929

  • Commercial Steel (CS)

  • Deep Drawing Steel (DDS)

  • Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS)

  • Structural Grade (SS)

  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLAS)



Coil ID

Surface Treatment




: 0.014” through 0.13”

: 24” through 61”

: 20” and 24”

: Chemical treatment, Oiling,

  Stenciling (Upon request)

: Flat, Corrugated.

Coating Weights


Min. (Oz/Sq Ft)                                   

Min. (Gram /Sq Meter)                    

Min. Coating Thickness (µm)(Total Both Sides)         

T1-13                     T1-25                     T1-40                     T1-60                     T2-65                     T2-100  

.13                          .25                         .40                           .60                         .65                          1.00

40                             76                       122                          182                        184                         300

13                             25                         40                            60                          62                            95

*Coating thicknesses are approximate.  *Conversions are based on the following relationship; (1) AL T2 coating: 1 oz/ft2=0.00374 in.; 1 g/m2=0.31131 µm.  (2) AL T1 coating: 1 oz/ft2=0.00398 in.; 1 g/m2=0.33128 µm.                
Features and Benefits
Type I
  • Surface characteristic of aluminum, combined with the strength and lower cost of steel.

  • Excellent resistance to heat and corrosion.

  • Various coating weights available.

  • Uniformity of appearance and thickness.

  • Reflect 80% of radiant heat.


Type II
  • Good atmospheric corrosion standard.

  • Various coating weights.

  • Appearance.

  • Maintenance free.

  • Highly reflective of solar heat.

  • Fire resistant

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